Aurora carries a wide variety of thermostats programmable, budget-friendly non-programmable, and even state of the art wifi thermostats. We can also get and install others you may not see in the list below.

Ask your friendly Aurora representative what the best thermostat is for your system and your needs. It can make a BIG difference in your energy savings and comfort.

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Lennox Thermostats

Lennox thermostats can help you get maximum efficiency from your Lennox heating and cooling system. Some work incredibly well with other furnace and AC brands too.

Icomfort IS30 WiFi Thermostat

This thermostat cannot read your mind, but you will think it can. A wonderful 7 HD touch screen automatically adjusts to ambient light levels.

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icomfort Touch Touchscreen Thermostat

This zoning-ready wifi thermostat has an easy to use touch screen.

ComfortSense 5500 Touchscreen Thermostat

This non-wifi system has most of the advantages of the 7500 thermostat above. If you don’t have humidification system, dual-fuel system or heat pump, you can save money by choosing the 5500. Touch screen with adjustable brightness measure 4.3” for easy reading.

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Carrier Thermostats

Carrier thermostats offer some of the best loved features of modern thermostats. When you want to provide the perfect comfort level and still save money, these controls are some of the best you can buy.

SYSTX Infinity Control User Interface

If you want ultimate wifi control over your advanced Carrier system, this thermostat will give it to you. It will help your furnace, AC, heat pump, humidifier and air quality equipment work with maximum efficiency to get you the results you want.

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