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Efficient Cooling for Less

Do you have an older home without ductwork, or a new addition thats not connected to your existing air ducts? If so, a ductless air conditioner from Daikin may be the perfect solution to keep you cool all summer long.

Daikin Ductless Air Conditioner Benefits

Why bother with a freestanding or window-mounted air conditioner when you can get these benefits:

  • Better energy efficiency. That means you pay less on your electricity bill.
  • More secure than a window AC, and would not provide an opportunity for thieves or vermin to enter your home.
  • Fits in with your decor , a ductless unit can mount on a wall or ceiling, and some models are virtually invisible.
  • Choose between single room or multiple room cooling systems.
  • So quiet you won’t even know its there.
  • Many systems are available as AC only or as heat pumps which can heat your home as well as cool it.
  • Easy to install, with minimal inconvenience to you , and no construction mess left behind!

Get Peace of Mind with an Authorized Daikin Comfort Pro

Only authorized Daikin Comfort Pros like Aurora Mechanical are allowed to stock and install Daikin equipment. Thats because the quality of the installation work has a huge effect on the results you get. We have proven to Daikin that we have the technical know how, business ethics and great customer service that Daiken demands. Our licensed technicians have taken the extra training needed to ensure your Daikin ductless air conditioner works efficiently and reliably.

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Get Help Choosing Your System from the Pros at Aurora Mechanical

You can look at our favorite Daikin models below, but do not worry , one of our experts will help you choose the right model for your home and your needs.
We have a friendly approach to advising our customers. There's never any pressure to buy before you’re ready with Aurora Mechanical. Instead, you will get a full price quote up front , including the labor costs for a professional installation – from your friendly Aurora Mechanical cooling expert. Then, you will have as long as you need to make your decision.

Our Daikin Ductless AC Models

Daikin makes an excellent selection of ductless air conditioners for one room (mini split) and many rooms (multi split).

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Enhanced Capacity 20 Series,Single Room

The 20 Series has more power available at the touch of a button for when its really needed, and you can choose between the wall,mount and floor mount indoor units
Econo Mode saves energy without letting the room get too hot. Wide angle louvers and vertical auto-swing ensure cool air gets evenly distributed throughout the entire space.

  • More energy efficient than most central AC systems: up to 20 SEER and a variable speed inverter compressor. (You also get 12.5 HSPF if you choose the heat pump version.)
  • EnergyStar certified
  • Cools spaces up to 1,460 square feet
  • Quieter than a whisper with an indoor sound level of 19 dB
  • Quiet outdoor sound level of 49 dB
  • Uses eco,friendly R-410A refrigerant that won't harm the ozone layer (and was co-invented by Daikin).
  • Includes remote control.
  • Warranty:12-year parts limited warranty with online registration.

Ductless Air Conditioning 19 Series , Single Room

Ensures your entire room is kept cool, thanks to swinging, wide angle louvers. Special Night Mode keeps temperatures even so you get a restful sleep. Energy saving Econo Mode helps you stay cool for less.

  • Great energy efficiency with up to 19 , SEER (plus up to 9.0 HSPF heating efficiency if you choose the heat pump version).
  • EnergyStar qualified.
  • Cools spaces up to 1,460 square feet.
  • Literally quieter than a whisper: indoor sound level of 19 dB
  • Ultra quiet outdoor sound level of 46 dB is less than half of most central AC systems.
  • Ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant.
  • Variable speed inverter compressor for more efficiency and even temperature control.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Warranty: 12-year parts limited warranty with online registration.

15 Series , Single Room

Good energy efficiency at a lower cost! Night Set Mode keeps room temperature super even for more restful sleep. Econo Mode helps you save on energy and still enjoy a cooler room. Cooling is evenly sent throughout the entire room with automated louver motion.

  • 15 SEER energy efficiency with inverter technology compressor. If you choose a heat pump, you also get 8.2 HSFP heating.
  • Cools spaces up to 1,460 square feet.
  • Quiet sound level of 19 dB will be virtually unnoticeable.
  • You will still be able to enjoy your backyard patio, thanks to a quiet 46 dB sound level.
  • Environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant gives you all the cooling without the guilt.
  • Comes with an easy to use remote control.
  • Warranty: 10-year parts limited warranty with online registration.

MXS Multi,Split , Multiple Rooms

Choose from 2 – 8 indoor units powered by your choice between 2 outdoor units. You can also choose between 4 indoor unit styles: wall mount, ceiling grille, low wall/floor mount and mini ducted – use different types in different rooms. All units have individual controls, so you can even out temperatures in hot and cool zones of your home or allow different temperatures for every member of your family.The outdoor unit can also be mounted on a wall, your roof, or terrace.

  • Impressive 18.9 SEER energy efficiency. If you choose the heat pump version you also get up to 12.5 HSPF heating efficiency.
  • EnergyStar qualified.
  • Very quiet outdoor sound level at 50 dB.
  • Eco-friendly R,410A refrigerant wonot harm the ozone layer.
  • Super efficient variable speed compressor with inverter technology.
  • Use the wireless remote control or the Daikin’s ENVi intelligent thermostat.

MXL Multi-Split , Multiple Rooms

Get individual temperature control for 2 ,3 separate rooms. You can mix and match indoor unit styles, choosing from wall mount, ceiling grille, low wall/floor mount or special ducted version.

  • Save on energy with efficient 17.9,SEER cooling. If you choose the heat pump version, you also get 12.5 HSPF heating efficiency.
  • EnergyStar qualified.
  • Quiet operation.
  • R-410A refrigerant won't harm the ozone layer.
  • Efficient variable speed compressor with inverter technology.
  • Wireless remote allows you to adjust temperature or enable energy savings mode from your couch. Also compatible with the Daikin ENVi intelligent thermostat.

Aurora Mechanical Peace of Mind Guarantee

When it comes to cooling, you will get great results from the experts at Aurora Mechanical, guaranteed. If your new Daikin ductless system does not cool your home the way we say it will, we will come back and fix it for free. If needed, we will replace it with a comparable system.
With Aurora Mechanical, you will get great advice, friendly service, and an organized installation process. Our friendly, professional technicians even clean up after they are done!
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